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Ram Krishan Goswami

Founder President, BCNS

What do we believe in...

Bhartiya Charitra Nirman Sansthan believes that a depraved character is the primary reason behind crime. We also believe that one of the prime objectives of Education is to build good character among everyone.

BCNS conducts workshops and seminars on Character Building through the teachings of Bhagvadgita. The composition of audience is Students, Teachers/ Lecturers, Socialists, Doctors, Police and Prison Inmates.

What People Say About Us

I am glad that Shri Goswamiji and Bhartiya Charitra Nirman Sansthan have taken upon themselves the holy task of bringing the message of Gita as a remedy to the prevalent issue of corruption and crime.
Sh. N Vittal
Bhartiya Charitra Nirman Sansthan is working to spread the knowledge of Karmayoga endorsed by Lord Krishna in BhagvadGita. I appreciate the dedication and hard work of Shri Ram Krishan Goswami.
Late Sh. M G Vaidya
Pracharak, RSS
I have attended programmes organized by BCNS and have listened to what Sh. Goswami conveys through his lively speeches. BhagvadGita is truly the basis of crime free society and Human Rights protection.
Sh. N K Singh
Chief Justice, Rajastahn HC (Retd.)

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